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Producer: Distilleria Marzadro

ABV: 30 %

Country of Origin: Italy


Category: Grappe - Tequila

Price: € 15.30


100 days of uninterrupted work, 24 hours on 24, between September and December during which spirits are tons of fresh grapes selected each day. These come from the best classic varieties native of Trentino, planted in soils where climatic conditions are optimal for their cultivation. The raw material is carefully selected and guaranteed by Andrea Marzadro. The skins come to the distillery still dripping with juice, to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the vineyards of origin. Thus aromas and flavors are retained and enhanced by efficient storage systems, this ensemble will remain intact intensity. Distillation is carried out using the traditional system of "water bath" in pot still, just the Trentino culture. They are handcrafted in copper stills and, thanks to the properties of this metal, good conductor of heat, the characteristic aromas and flavors are at their finest of their peculiarities. Each stage of the production of Grappa is monitored through a computerized control system that prevents the pomace to undergo sudden changes of heat and thereby maintain a constant temperature, in favor of softness and fragrance of their Marzadro Grappas. Sophisticated technology and craftsmanship are so harmonious fusion to ensure a level of quality excellence.
The Marzadro LIQUEUR WILD STRAWBERRIES, is produced in the region of Trentino in ITALY.
Berries and Strawberries Bosco: based liqueurs Grappa, obtained with the infusion of delicious berries and left to macerate for at least thirty days, to transmit to the distillates flavors and aromas of the mountain.